Blakely Made

Local Artist Spotlight: Blakely Made


You may remember me sharing that I’ve recently gotten really into art. I’m not sure if it’s hitting that mid 20’s age that has sparked this new, very mature and sophisticated obsession (mature, definitely not) or the fact that the bare walls of my home are practically forcing me into it, but either way I’m certainly enjoying this new interest of mine! That’s one of the many reasons I was thrilled to get the chance to spend a morning with local artist, Blakely Litte, of Blakely Made. Not only did I get to pick her brain on her creative process, but I got the VIP walk through of her most recent art show at The Real Estate Studio. Needless to say, I was in newly discovered, art lover heaven!


As you can see from the pictures, Blakely definitely has a specific style to her work. She paints coastal scenes using fresh, bright colors in acrylic paints. All of the paintings you’ll see here are done on wood panels, which I love how that gives it another coastal touch! Born and raised in the seaside city of Annapolis, Maryland, Blakely grew up on the water. Whether sailing or relaxing on the beach, the salt water was always a big part of her life and continues to be the inspiration behind her work.


Blakely had always been very artistic, but her business really began when her mother, who is an interior decorator, started asking her to paint pictures for her client’s homes. This was a wonderful opportunity for her, but she wasn’t allowed the creative freedom she craved. The clients wanted realistic paintings with exactly what they saw when looking at the ocean- blue waters, white sands, green grass, you get the point. Blakely loves using colors that you wouldn’t truly see in these scenes, but that add character and depth to her paintings. Her favorite color that she can always go to for inspiration, is turquoise (even down to a turquoise Mini Cooper)! Personally, I love her use of pinks and peaches in the water. Those seem to be her paintings that draw me in the most!


When it came time to go away to college, it only seemed natural for Blakely to make the move to another coastal city, so Charleston it was! While earning her degree at the College of Charleston in a Bachelor Degree in Arts Management and Minor in Studio Art, Blakely also interned with local florist, Charleston Stems. Yes, this girl can do it all!! Which then leads to how we met, because she worked on the beautiful florals in our wedding! I cannot WAIT to share those photos with y’all, but until then, Blakely’s gorgeous Annapolis wedding (at her parent’s home-how awesome?), will have to tide you over! Blakely continues to work part time at Stems, but with a suddenly booming art business, focuses most of her time on painting.


You can go see Blakely’s work at The RealEstate Studio at 214 King St. through February 10th, anytime from 10-6 or visit her website to order a painting. Keep in mind she also does commissioned pieces if something is sold out or you would like it in a different size!! Additionally, you can also find the largest piece of her work to date, in the new Charleston hot spot, Cannon Green. If you haven’t been there, you must go, if even just for a glass of wine and the beautiful decor and of course, art!



The Friday Five

As promised, I will now be doing a weekly blog series every Friday afternoon. You guessed it, at 5:00! I’m going to be sharing with y’all the top five pieces of information that I feel you need to know. The topics will range from new designers and sales to recipes and funny YouTube videos. Basically, it’s what i’m into that week! They will typically be pretty short and sweet posts that are easy for y’all to quickly browse. Because, let’s face it, we all know I can ramble and keep you reading for a while! Anywhoo, I hope you enjoy this new series and as always, feel free to tell me what you think! Oh, and of course it will always be accompanied by a #basic TGIF image!

**Disclaimer: OBVIOUSLY for whatever reason, my post scheduling button failed me and it didn’t post at 5:00 but at 12:00. So, don’t think i’m just lying up above!! For the future, Friday Five will be at 5:00.


1. Tibi Sale 70% off plus extra 15% off- need I say more? And no, it’s not just weird stuff that didn’t sell or size 00 that only toddlers can fit. I would give you my top pick, but that’s basically everything on their sale page. You just can’t go wrong.

2. Uptown Funk Been on major repeat; i’m beyond obsessed!! I will spare y’all the video of me dancing and singing, and instead give you the one that also involves Ellen- you’re welcome.

3. Zinke Swimwear I’m always excited to discover a new swimwear line, and with Zinke’s adorable high waisted and one piece options, this one might be my new favorite! They’ve also got some really great resort wear, like this matching set that will definitely be making it’s way into my closet!

4. Blakely Made Art I’m on a huge art kick lately! Make it a local, Charleston girl and i’m in heaven! Blakely Little paints coastal scenes with fresh, bright colors that is sure to add some happiness to your walls {and life}. It’s hard to pick a favorite, but I would have to go with this beautiful piece of the Ashley River. Takes me back to summer boat days- where are y’all by the way?! Oh and guess what! I’m sitting down to interview Blakely on Monday, so this is definitely not the last you’ll hear of her!

5. The Grand Budapest Hotel You may have heard of this beautiful film from the recent Oscar nominations. It leads the race with 9 nominations, including the coveted Best Picture. When my girlfriend and I watched it last week, we had no idea that it was going to be the talk of the town! It’s a really fun movie, but the highlight is the cinematography and set design. Literally, Instagram movie. You could pause it at any point and it would be an impeccable Instagram pic. Just a beautiful movie!