American Eagle

Borrowing from the Boys







Remember back when you were a kid and you had designated “play clothes” and “play shoes?” Or in my house they were considered “outside shoes” and always kept in the garage. Well, this is the grown up version of a play outfit, but instead of neighborhood kickball and tree climbing, it is perfect for bike rides to a cute lunch spot or walking the dogs to the farmer’s market. (let’s face it kickball and tree climbing doesn’t sound half bad though) And what better occasion to dress up like the boys than a play day?! The trend of women wearing men’s style clothing is nothing new. Audrey Hepburn was famous for often wearing cropped pants and loafers in a time where women were always expected to wear dresses. And she is THE definition of chic, so you know you can’t go wrong if Audrey wore it! This is a bit of a modern spin on that classic Audrey style. The chambray button down shirt has become a staple for girls and women of all ages in the last few years. (I know you have one in your closet) You can wear it with practically anything and any color. I love how this light wash in particular compliments the “grenadine orange” pants I am wearing. Since I had so many boyish pieces in this outfit, I decided to flirt it up by unbuttoning my top just far enough not to see any goods. This gave it the bit of feminine touch it needed. The red skinnies are so perfect for a fun, play day! If you know me, you know I love a skinny rolled up at the bottom. This really does do EVERYTHING for the outfit. If they were unrolled and bunchy at the bottom, this would not be a chic look. I added a touch of color fun with a subtle purple skinny belt. Now, you could wear sandals or even white Converse would be super cute with this outfit, but to really make it on trend and of the moment, wear oxfords. Oxfords are everywhere right now! They make them in all sorts of colors and materials. I’ve seen them in leather, suede and even lace. If you want to really dress them up they make some in full glitter with fun laces or just a glittered toe. Your options are really endless and there is no excuse you can’t find a pair of these fun shoes that fit your style! I love these elephant grey suede pair because they’re very versatile and I love the dainty shape to them. I can wear these with a high waisted short, cropped pants or even a cute little romper or sundress. And they are really fun to wear! This borrowed from the boys look is a classic outfit that will never go out of style, but using the latest trend of the oxford shoe. Go out and try it, I promise you won’t regret it!!

Shirt- American Eagle / Pants- Gap / Belt- Target / Shoes- Victoria’s Secret (YES for real those are VS- they have upped their shoe game lately and have some great coupons out right now)