Local Artist Spotlight: Blakely Made


You may remember me sharing that I’ve recently gotten really into art. I’m not sure if it’s hitting that mid 20’s age that has sparked this new, very mature and sophisticated obsession (mature, definitely not) or the fact that the bare walls of my home are practically forcing me into it, but either way I’m certainly enjoying this new interest of mine! That’s one of the many reasons I was thrilled to get the chance to spend a morning with local artist, Blakely Litte, of Blakely Made. Not only did I get to pick her brain on her creative process, but I got the VIP walk through of her most recent art show at The Real Estate Studio. Needless to say, I was in newly discovered, art lover heaven!


As you can see from the pictures, Blakely definitely has a specific style to her work. She paints coastal scenes using fresh, bright colors in acrylic paints. All of the paintings you’ll see here are done on wood panels, which I love how that gives it another coastal touch! Born and raised in the seaside city of Annapolis, Maryland, Blakely grew up on the water. Whether sailing or relaxing on the beach, the salt water was always a big part of her life and continues to be the inspiration behind her work.


Blakely had always been very artistic, but her business really began when her mother, who is an interior decorator, started asking her to paint pictures for her client’s homes. This was a wonderful opportunity for her, but she wasn’t allowed the creative freedom she craved. The clients wanted realistic paintings with exactly what they saw when looking at the ocean- blue waters, white sands, green grass, you get the point. Blakely loves using colors that you wouldn’t truly see in these scenes, but that add character and depth to her paintings. Her favorite color that she can always go to for inspiration, is turquoise (even down to a turquoise Mini Cooper)! Personally, I love her use of pinks and peaches in the water. Those seem to be her paintings that draw me in the most!


When it came time to go away to college, it only seemed natural for Blakely to make the move to another coastal city, so Charleston it was! While earning her degree at the College of Charleston in a Bachelor Degree in Arts Management and Minor in Studio Art, Blakely also interned with local florist, Charleston Stems. Yes, this girl can do it all!! Which then leads to how we met, because she worked on the beautiful florals in our wedding! I cannot WAIT to share those photos with y’all, but until then, Blakely’s gorgeous Annapolis wedding (at her parent’s home-how awesome?), will have to tide you over! Blakely continues to work part time at Stems, but with a suddenly booming art business, focuses most of her time on painting.


You can go see Blakely’s work at The RealEstate Studio at 214 King St. through February 10th, anytime from 10-6 or visit her website to order a painting. Keep in mind she also does commissioned pieces if something is sold out or you would like it in a different size!! Additionally, you can also find the largest piece of her work to date, in the new Charleston hot spot, Cannon Green. If you haven’t been there, you must go, if even just for a glass of wine and the beautiful decor and of course, art!



Friday Five


1. Illesteva– I discovered this sunglasses line via good ole Instagram, of course! I’m literally DYING to get a pair, specifically this pair. I just love the rounded shape (hopefully it looks good on my rounded face) and the combo of the tortoise with mirrored lenses. Usually you see mirrored lenses with metal frames and I love how this Italian made brand switched things up. I’m convinced my life will instantly approve upon wearing these sunnies. However, I’m not exactly sure how I would tell people who makes them because I don’t know if it’s pronounced in a fancy Italian accent or they’re just the Illest sunglasses Eva. I’m gonna go with Illest Eva!!

2. The Daily’s Juice– My life changed this week when I was introduced to the fresh made juice at The Daily! Between all of the gorgeous Insta pics and the fact that it’s owned by the same peeps as Butcher and Bee (my favorite), I knew I would love it here. But, I had no clue about their juice! I’m definitely not a typical “juice” girl either, aka I’m not a healthy eater. This combo of orange, pineapple, honey and lavender (pretty sure there was some cayenne and other goodness in there too) has won me over!! If you’re ever in Charleston, you MUST visit The Daily and Butcher and Bee!! The kale slaw is also a winner…dare I say these two are turning me healthy?! Okay okay, I won’t get too carried away!!

3. #Zeddlena– I might be a total loser for actually caring about this, but I’m not ashamed about it!! First off, anyone who knows me knows I’m a HUGE Selena fan. She’s basically perf (minus her whole Justin Bieber situation) and I want to be besties with her and TSwift, and Karlie and Cara and Kendall and Lena. I mean, come on, if you’re a female in your 20’s and don’t want to be in that circle of friends, you’re just lying! Anyways, I’m thrilled for her to finally have another guy in her life other than that mega loser, Justin. Also, my husband is a huge EDM fan so we’ve seen Zedd several times and he’s pretty awesome! I’m officially giving my stamp of approval on this relationship (because they were totally waiting for it) and duh, Selena you should definitely go to the Grammy’s with Zedd! End preteen rant!!

4. Sam Smith Radio on Pandora– Do I really need to elaborate on this?! He has the voice of an ANGEL!! I’m literally addicted to listening to his station on Pandora. It started with Sam Smith then Ed Sheeran and then John Legend…I mean, what more could a girl want?!

5. Shop My Closet– Did you know that I’ve now got an Instagram shop my closet page?! I’ve been doing some major cleaning out and purging all of the things that I simply just don’t wear that often. Most of the items sold that are listed now, but I’ll be adding more this evening so follow and keep an eye out!! Everything is in excellent condition, if not brand new with tags (totally guilty). It’s @shopmycloset_smc so don’t forget to follow for some fab finds at great prices!!


The Seeking Indigo Experience


Yesterday, I told you all about my collaboration with Seeking Indigo, Rutledge Social and Terrence Edwards of Charleston Street Style. I showed you the perfect fall outfit from their retail space and told you what other types of goodies you could find in store. Today, I’m showing you a few more outfits courtesy of Seeking Indigo, but I want to share with you the amazing experience I had when I left the store and entered into their spa.

I started my healing detox experience with an Ion Cleanse Detox Footbath, which is not as glamorous as it sounds. Actually, it’s quite disgusting, but also so satisfying- keep reading I promise it was a good thing! I did not know this prior to my footbath experience, but your feet have the largest pores in your body. Therefore, you can pull out lots of yucky toxins from them, which is exactly what the ion footbath does. At the beginning of this 30 minute soak, the water is normal and clear. 5-10 minutes in is when things start to get weird, you’ll see a bit of discoloration in the water. By 20 minutes you’re Snapchatting how gross your body toxins are to only your closest of friends (aka your mom because who else wouldn’t judge your dirty foot water). Then, by the time the 30 minutes is up you’ve got some seriously murky stuff happening! Now, different colors mean that you’ve got different types of toxins coming out and it varies for everyone. They have a wonderful little chart and the lovely ladies of Seeking Indigo are very informative when “reading” your footbath water. For me, I had a lot of toxins coming from my liver (oops) and my joints. I say it was disgusting because it’s awful knowing all of the toxins that your body holds, but it’s also so cleansing to be pulling them all out and by enjoying a nice foot soak! The Ion Cleanse Detox Footbath is equivalent to roughly 2 weeks of a regular detox! I will take that over a juice cleanse ANY day!!


The next part of my morning spent at Seeking Indigo was the Migun Thermal Massage, which was also my favorite (I mean, who doesn’t love a massage). This is when we headed through the beautiful hand carved doors and into their “urban oasis.” Even just walking back into the spa is a healing experience itself. With the dim lighting, relaxing music and beautiful decor, your environment automatically puts you into a tranquil state of mind. It really is as if you’ve stepped right off busy King St. into another world. They showed me to the Migun massage tables which use jade stone rollers to deliver infrared heat to the body. You lie down, get a warm pad on top of your belly, put on headphones with meditative music and are instantly transported to nirvana. The Migun table rolls firmly from your neck all the way down to your feet. It’s perfect if you’re like me and love a good firm massage! Not only does it feel ahh-mazzingg, but it also increases your circulation, which aids in digestion, lowers blood sugar and blood pressure. BONUS: 30 minutes on the Migun massage table can burn up to 600 CALORIES!! What?! Do you know how much exercise it would take to burn that many calories? That’s another “I’ll take a day at the spa over exercise any day” situation. It is the perfectly easy way to take 30 minutes to an hour for yourself out of your busy schedule! I know I’m going to be a regular Migun massage customer!


To end my morning at Seeking Indigo, I had a date with the sauna! Now, this was my first time ever in a sauna and I have to admit I was a bit nervous. But, the beautiful room and the lovely bowl of cold towels and stones on ice put me at ease. My timer was set for 30 minutes and I was determined to last the whole time, and I did! Their sauna is not the traditional type, but a far infrared. This meaning that instead of heating you automatically with steam, your body is being heated from the inside out. This allows for a more gradual detoxification, aka you aren’t pouring sweat in the first 5 minutes. Because I wasn’t dying inside, I was able to use this time as a meditation, which I don’t take near enough time for in my day to day life. I thoroughly enjoyed my first trip into the sauna and truly felt as though my body and mind were cleansed and detoxified upon leaving.


I so enjoyed my morning spent at Seeking Indigo and my only complaint is that I hadn’t discovered them sooner! It truly is a unique space containing both store and spa, blending the two worlds of healing and style together so beautifully!

Photos: Terrence Edwards of Charleston Street Style