REAL VS STEAL- Backpack Edition



It’s that time of year again, back to school!! But, you don’t have to be a student or teacher to get in on the festivities. I’m not talking about plaid skirts and knee highs, but backpacks. They have been huge among celebrities and big name designers and are a great way to switch up your traditional purse. The options I have listed are great for work, travel or even everyday use. The runway versions are obviously fab, but let’s talk about some similar styles that will be a bit kinder on your wallet!

1. Alexander McQueen Padlock Backpack- This black leather style is a classic beauty. I think it is so chic and easily goes with any outfit to take your style up a notch. But, this Target option is almost exactly the same AND I actually like it better. The gold zipper detailing gives this look a like a step up over the $2,000 designer bag. The fact that it’s not genuine leather also makes this more practical for carrying around, not to mention more animal friendly! This bag can easily go from casual with your leggings and piko to dressy with your office attire.

2. The Row Hobo Backpack- Okay, so let’s face it, anything Mary-Kate and Ashley is perfection. Those two can do no wrong when it comes to fashion. But, their line The Row founded in 2006 is a far cry from their Walmart brand we were all wearing back in the day. (you totally were, don’t deny it) The price tags are ridiculous, making it impossible for non-heiresses to purchase their designs. This Vince Camuto backpack is a great compromise. While still a bit pricier than your typical Jansport, this backpack is real leather and certainly more luxurious. This is the perfect option to use as your everyday purse.

3. Chanel Graffiti Print Backpack- So, unless you’ve been living under a rock all summer, you’ve seen this backpack. It has been worn by almost every celebrity from Gwyneth to it girl Chloe Grace Moretz {LOVE her} to practically every Kardashian. Not to mention, Karl featured it in the Spring 2014 runway show. BUT, let’s get real, who wants to pay over 3,000 bucks for a grungy style backpack? I mean I love it, don’t get me wrong, but I can think of many other Chanel bags I would put that money towards instead! Rather, go for this Neff tie dye for a very tiny fraction of the cost. I think the Neff is super cute and still gives that artsy, graffiti {read: homemade} look. This is definitely more of your travel or school backpack rather than everyday use.

Do YOU have a particular item that you would like to see more budget friendly versions of?? Let me know in the comments!! I LOVE to hear from my readers! Happy Humpday everyone XOXO

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